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Gear Review

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Genuine Innovation is a Joy to Behold

You have to appreciate a truly unique, functional, and innovative product when it comes along. I was quite happy with my SnowPeak GigaPower canister stove and titanium cook pot but once I tried the JetBoil I was hooked. I am all about fast and easy backcountry cooking, so I lean heavily toward freeze-dried foods prepared in-pouch; not a big fan of full-blown cooked meals requiring extensive clean-up. If you like cooking from scratch, pan-frying, etc., the pot support and stabilizer kits are essential; they add tremendous versatility to your stove. Some of the "safety issues" mentioned in other reviews can be avoided simply by following instructions; it clearly states that the cup should be removed before ignition (although it is tempting to cheat, I admit) and there is a line in the cup denoting max safe water level (not max safe water-plus-pack-of-noodles level). Heed those guidelines and it's quite safe and trouble-free. The only very minor criticism is that the cup is not super-easy to detach/attach to the burner, especially when it is lit (which is why it's tempting to cheat by attaching it prior to igniting). Like all canisters not great for very high altitude, very cold conditions, but I've used mine at 10,000+ feet in late October with excellent results. Have fun with your JetBoil; another cup of tea anyone?