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Garmont Voodoo Tele Boot

15 years of tele skiing starting with leather Asolos, going to T-2 Scarpas and then last year, 2010, thinking new T-2 bulky on the inside, went with Garmont Voodoo. Fitted at shop, following procedure on baked liners, noticed somewhat snug in toebox, figured liners would pack out a bit and all would be good.
Put 30 days on them and they never did feel good in the toe area and definitely colder than my old T-2's. Thinking I needed more days, more hiking, I held on until now. Got another 15 days so far and I'm throwing in the towel and going back to T-2's. Just not right for my feet I guess. Painful bruising on top of both big toe nails, and when I hike, they tend to rub on the inside and just below my ankle knob. Not so bad as to blister, but it's noticable and uncomfortable. No complaints about construction and for some folks, maybe a great boot. Unlike some others I read here, I don't think you need a mammoth boot to drive a big ski. My T-2's pushed my G-3 Hombres just fine and I ski faster and harder than 90% of the pack, have broken numerous bindings and skis, just lately busting a G-3 T-9 plate. So I'm pushing the gear and I'm going back to T-2's because of their fit for my feet. I'd always felt I could wear them all day, and many times did, carrying me across the Haute Route for a week on 1 trip. Not so with the Garmonts.

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go back and get them formed again! your suspose to have a toe box on your feet when they form the liner. I know the pain your talking about, did the store have you stand with your toes on a 2x4 board as well?

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First day in the boots, I thought I'd made a very expensive mistake. Had the same issue and had them re-fitted at my local tele shop. Skied in t-2s & Garmont Veloces. Loved the two buckle Veloce for everything from slopes to Sierra BC, but needed newer boot as the Veloces were getting soft and sloppy. After a proper moulding odf the liner, the Vodoos have been awesome for me. You may, despite everything, have a foot not suited for the Veloce. Good thing you know Scarpas will work for you.