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Garmont "False" Prophet

This was my second NTN boot and it didn't last too long for me. The boot definitely isn't as torsionally stiff as any of the Crispi boots or the Scarp Tx-Comp. Granted the boot has a smooth forward flex, but this is to an extent. If you ever get in a deep turn, you can feel the toe box deform over the toe bail of the binding. Garmont designed this boot with such a tight fit into the binding, that the boot will start to fold over the bail and put pressure on your big toe if you have a performance fit. This also cause the whole toe box to deform. This doesn't happen in my Shivers or Comps, both of which I also have a performance fit. Even though Garmont "stiffened" up the bellows, the bellows aren't as stiff as stated. I would compare them to a Scarpa T2 or Garmont Synergy, but nothing like the Voodoo or Energy as in bellows flex. For all these reason I lable it the "False" Prophet.

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I totally agree. I wear a 27.5, tight/race fit, and the big toe on my biggest foot gets major pressure on deep turns. My other foot (smaller) is fine, though. The toe bail on the binding really deforms the toe box of the boot. This is a real problem. I considered swapping for a 28, but Scarpa calls me. Should I go for a 27 on a TX Pro?