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Gear Review

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Garbarge and poor customer service

When I turned it on for the first time it blew me away at how bright it was. Problem started a month later. I went on a 5 day hiking/camping trip and of course day one, the batteries were dead. This was my fault as I probably hit the "on" button while packing it. No big deal. Except of course when I went to replace the batteries, they would not come out. And of course on this trip I needed the headlamp a lot. So I was left with no option but to carefully pry them out. Slight damage to the seals but I managed to get them out. Turns out there's a hump in the battery slot. So I emailed Princeton asking them if they could offer me some sort of consideration on a replacement or a warranty. No return email. Not even a simple explanation of why they would not offer me the warranty. Yes I had to pry it open and yes I should have had a back up light but still. Anyway, it's really too bad as I felt the product was great but if they have crappy customer service then I'll take my money elsewhere.

So much for contacting them.