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Gear Review

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Game over. Skratch is the hands down winner.

No joke. The race for exercise hydration has officially ended. Skratch Labs is officially the winner. No, I'm not a paid spokesperson. I've got no connection to these guys whatsoever, unless you count my undying loyalty to their product.

This stuff is completely natural, tastes good, and most importantly is very easy on the stomach. Especially for those of us riding in hot climates where rehydration is a huge issue, this stuff is vital. It's easy to get that full/bloated stomach feel if you drink or eat the wrong stuff in the saddle. Unlike so much other stuff on the market, I know what every ingredient is stuff, can pronounce it (i.e. it ain't from a laboratory), and feel good about putting it into my body.

I don't really know what else to say. You must try this stuff. Your rides will never be the same.