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the first time i used this tent it rained and water fell through the ceiling, so i sealed the seams, then i backpacked with it and it snowed. the unthinkable happened, THE SNOW CAVED IN THE TENT AND WE SLEPT WITH SNOW ON OUR FACES FREEZING. then i sold it on ebay for $50. enough said

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that sounds like a horrible camping experience! that's so strange about the rain. i'm not too surprised about the snow though. this is a 3 season tent which means it's not meant to be used in the snow.

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I camped in Maine one weekend when hurricane was in that area. It was raining 2 days almost non-stop. The tent was dry. One night I felt water under the tent and decided to check how deep it was. I touched ground outside the tent and it was about 1.5" of water.
The only water I got in the tent was from condensation.

Did not try it in snow so can not comment on that.