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The GABBA jersey is an extremely comfortable piece to add to your cross or winter kit. This level of comfort and fit are not usually found in a waterproof garment. I will be using this to train outside in the Portland rain, and again as a base layer under my team kit next fall when Cyclocross season returns. Alone, it requires no extra layers for warmth, and still allows enough heat and vapor out to keep you comfortable. I'm pairing it with the Nanoflex arm warmer to finish the waterproof wardrobe I'll be wearing this winter.

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So I live in Maui & during our winter months there's alot of rain w the low temp in the 70s but can go up to mid 80's. How would this shirt work here in our warmer but sometimes VERY wet climate?

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I think this jersey would be too warm for temp. in the 70s and above, but that depends on level of exertion. A slow, easy ride in wet and low 70s would be okay. A medium to hard effort and it would be too hot.