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Futuristic Super Hat

This is the hat that Jesus would have worn if he were riding a velociraptor and drinking 40's while battling robots with lasers and AC/DC was blaring in the background. It rocks! This hat has the power to create world peace. If everyone's noggin's were as comfortable and well protected as mine, hate and anger simply couldn't exist. 3 things have happened to me since purchasing this hat from backcountry; first, i no longer need to sleep. Second, i gained the ability to speak to nature. (She says hi) And third, I found my soul mate, which happens to be the hat. Long story short, you need this hat. Go! Go now! Buy it, select next day air, receive it, love it, wear it, cherish it, own it, live it, but whatever you do... Don't you DARE lose it!

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Amazing. Most helpful review ever. Thanks.