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Gear Review

5 5

Functional and Durable

These goggles look mad steezy, but you can tell that from the pictures so I won't harp on about it.

I have ridden 5 days with these and I have zero complaints so far. They have a really good field of vision and no distortion. I have an XL pro-tec classic helmet and these goggles fit very well over that massive bucket...none of the dreaded "gape"!

I have only had problems with fogging when breathing directly up into the vents. (This happens to me with all goggles, and the EG2's are always very quick to de-fog afterwards.)

Also, these goggles are still in brand new condition, whereas most of my equipment tends to get wrecked pretty quickly. After a few faceplants the lenses don't show any scratches.

I'd say these goggles are easily worth the sticker price. I picked them up on whiskey militia for $60, which is downright theft.