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Gear Review

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Full afterburners - yet still efficient.

Not since high school shop class have I experimented with such a flame thrower. This thing can really heat things- and fast. I am really impressed with the speed the Helios melts snow and ice for water, not to mention the rapid boil times. If you plan to use this stove at altitude or in a storm, make sure your tent has a vestibule. Sometimes we ignore warnings and must cook inside a tent during full alpine conditions- but I wouldn't try that with this beast. The platform is very stable and holds virtually any pot (not just Jetboil pots) with smart, fold-away feet. The igniter may not work in cold or altitude- but any experienced backcountry traveler will know enough to bring a lighter (or three) along anyway. This stove seems to simmer well, but takes a little feathering of the throttle to get it from blast-off mode to a lower setting. Surprisingly, the Helios will actually SAVE gas with its efficiency. Really, really impressed.