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Gear Review

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From the top of a mountain to blowing bubbles in the sea

I have used Suunto for the last 15 years. I first had the vector when I was in the military, and it lasted 8 years before replacement. In that time I had been on 4 tours in Iraq and 3 in Afghanistan. I have never beat on equipment like I had on deployments, due to the nature of the job. I upgraded to the Core 2 years ago, and just replaced a core 6 months ago. Here are my thoughts. I have the core with the orange band, I like it more than the rubber band on the vector because I think it breaths a little better. The battery is much easier to replace on this model than the vector as well. The altimeter is pretty accurate. I have matched it with my GPS and it is usually within 5 meters, but I have had it range out to 30 meters off before. I am not sure if that is due to it taking time to update itself or not. This model allows you to utilize a log memory to track you trips via altitude which is nice for training on the trails and tracking your progress. I love the all around functions of this watch. Storm alerts when pressure drops, the ability to change straps and many more ancillary benefits make this watch a dinamo. I like the weight of this model. It is a little heavier than the plastic cases and the weight has a nice feel to it. The buttons are easier to use to make ongoing adjustment during trail running and or in the mountain. The only thing I have to say I don't like about this watch is (price) the rubber band if in orange I can attest becomes stained with wear over time. Other than that cannot give this watch enough props.