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Gear Review

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Fog Persists

Styling is good, Build quality is good, fit is good with a size medium Giro G10 helmet, and they vent pretty well. However, I ski pretty aggressively and I build up a lot of heat. Unfortunately, my search for a lens that can handle my swampy dome piece continues. I'll keep using these unless I find a goggle that can handle a hot head better. They work fine as long as I stay on fast paced portions of the mountain, but if I get into some thick back country, where I am still learning the technique and burning a lot of calories without keeping a decent amount of airflow they will fog up. Also, they fog up after an aggressive run once I reach the lift. Maybe I dump more heat from my head than most, or maybe my expectations are too high, but I just can't seem to find a goggle that can keep it's cool when I cannot. If you don't have a head that leaks like a sieve, these goggle will do the trick. Also, the Jet Black with the Yellow lens does a decent job in all conditions. Was able to read the snow well in the flat light caused by heavy clouds, light snow, and winds kicking everything up. On a bright day, the yellow will leave you squinting, but gives unparallelled ability to really read the lay of the snow.