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I bought this pack online. When I got it, I was VERY disappointed. It looked like it was going to fall apart with me just holding it. There is no way I could trust it to hold up to any lengthy trip. I returned it.

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Why in the world would you post a review where the customer didn't try the product?

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with previous experience working with backpack design and working for one of europe's leading brands I can tell you that Gregory is doing what the rest of the manufacturer know but does not dare to do. Looks is important when designing a backpack and for some reason most of us seem to believe that the bigger the buckle or the wider the webbing the more it holds up. This is probably true but then again backpacks are designed for humans not mules carrying 200 lbs or more. A 20mm buckle or webbing (compared to 25 or 30 mm used by other manufacturers) is more than enough to make a sturdy pack but like I said it does not look as if it is tough enough. When it comes to fabric tear strength and abrasion resistance it is not decideb by weight and feel. But again: people buy packs that looks tough.
Looks can be deceiving. I challenge you to try it (and you will not be disappointed).