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First timer.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

It was my first time using this and it was not good but I got coffee so i am happy. First time i had grounds all over, in the coffee just everywhere, next shot i got grounds in the coffee but not all over. Then my GF told me how to use it, she worked at Starbucks for a little and WOW. Cant believe she watched me for 2 days.
So google it so see how to use it before you go out. I screwed it into the flat side (so there is a pocket to hold grounds), boil the water,turn off fire then add coffee,stir, let sit for 2-3 minutes (very important), push the press slowly down. Use course ground helps too.
All in all you get coffee in the woods so its a keeper.

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the press works and tastes much better if you use course ground coffee as opposed to the normal fine ground you use in a drip style coffee maker. Also, not scorching the coffee in boiling water is key. Bring the water to the point where you get a good steam off of the top but do not allow it to boil, then add your course grounds. Be patient and give it a few minutes to steep before pressing. Finally press and enjoy! The course ground is a life saver for this style of press and will keep most of the grounds under the screen.