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Favorite liquid fuel stove

all metal construction makes it very durable (hate the plastic msr pumps). Flame adjustment is the best around. Magnetic cleaning needle is actually very handy. I have burned only white gas and kerosene in this stove and both performed perfectly although kerosene was harder to get lit. I only use this as my snow melter or when cooking for three or more, overkill for solo use.

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Used the Nova on a winter backpack and though it is not the most compact to carry, it was the only one in our group that could simmer. The reason is the fuel valve at the STOVE and not trying to control the fuel flow at the bottle/pump. The others used my stove to cook their meals requiring a simmer.

I use alcohol to prime as it's much safer (no exciting flare-up if too much used) and it doesn't soot up everything.

A great stove and highly recommended.