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Gear Review

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Favorite helmet to date, w/one flaw

First, the flaw: The adjustment knob on the back of the helmet is fragile. Mine came apart on my first climb as a result of pulling my Nanopuff over my head. Luckily the pieces stayed with me. Replacement helmet it the same way. Beware.

But, the helmet is so good that I'm hell-bent to find a solution to assure the adjustment knob stays put. Great side and rear protection - much better than other helmets on the market. Sure it's heavier, but in my opinion the extra coverage and the ABS shell are worth it. Oddly, the helmet doesn't have a UIAA sticker on it. The UIAA test has a higher control limit than the CE test. But when you go on the UIAA site and look at certified helmets, it shows the Salamander as being certified. Like I said, odd.

I highly recommend the helmet. Just be ready to figure out a way to keep the dial parts together.