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Favorite binding thus far.

I skied the Axl's and snapped them in half after a month, the Bomber Bishop which looked like it would de indestructible snapped like a twig, the G3 Targa broke more times then I can count and I can't stand the Bdel binding. I have skied every binding on the market and broken every binding on the market. My favorite binding by far is the Voile Switchback, It is a light easy to use binding that skis great on the descent. I have certainly broken this binding many many time but I keep going back to it because I love the feel and flex of this binding. If you want just a resort binding I would definitely go with the SX (same binding minus the tour mode). Another huge factor for me is the fantastic customer service at Voile, they are very quick to get replacement part to me and are actually concerned about their product and satisfaction of their customers (this is quite unusual for a company). If you want an amazing touring binding look no further then the Switchback. If you want just a resort binding Look at the Voile SX. You will not be disappointed!

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Dude, how did you break all those bindings?

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The metal sidewall of my switchback sheared off three miles into the backcountry today. I'm sick of breaking tele bindings, snapping cables, ripping them out of skis. I think I'm done with toy gear and going AT. 25 years of tele skiing...I'm done. The gear is too unreliable.

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Skiing hard, fast, and low. Real low. However, I'm back on the Switchbacks due to Voile excellent service. On monday my local shop overnighted the broken binding to Voile. They overnighted 2 new toepboxes back, the shop had them mounted by Wed morning. The new toeboxes are beefier and just a tad heavier. I'll give them a few more years.