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Favorite Dry Tires

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've used these almost exclusively for three years now in the folding version (and have tried the TNT version). They're my favorite tires for dry conditions. They roll fast, they grip and corner well, and they wear slowly (usually takes me ~100 miles before I even see any wear, barring a sidewall slash they tend to last me ~1000 miles). They're reasonably lightweight though a wee bit on the porky side for racing (actual weight of the folding comes in ~690g). They are a true 2.2" tire though, they fill out that whole volume.

There are a few caveats here. First, they really have to be run tubeless. They have a perfect traction sweet spot at about 26psi. More pressure than that and they don't grip anywhere near as well. Above 30 they're actually kind of bad. Below that they grip but are a little bit slower.

I use the folding for tubeless; I tried TNT and the bead was way too tight and was horrendous to even get on the rim. I've mounted the plain folding to Stans and Bontrager tubeless rims and run them just fine, never a burp. I've also used these in ghetto tubeless conversions and again no problems. They do not leak Stans sealant, they're great for tubeless (and as I said, pretty much have to be run that way).

They are semi-directional, with a "fast" and "traction" direction (printed on sidewall). I run "traction" up front and "fast" in the rear and prefer this combo.

Also, these are definitely dry tires. The tread is not deep enough to dig into mud and they also shed mud pretty poorly. I live in the SW so I shouldn't be riding mud anyway, but if you're looking for something to ride in both the wet and dry I'd avoid this. They're called "Saguaros" for a reason.