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Fantastic light

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  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Yes it says "emergency light but its so much more. I have used this as my primary light backpacking and it is truly amazing for its size. It gives you more than enough light to hike or just around camp at night. I always carry a second set of batteries but it must have lasted at least a good 10 hours so far on the first. Its so small a light that its hard to put your trust in it as your only light but so far it has not given me any reason to doubt it. Plus I have been backpacking with others so if this light fails its not the only light source. Yes, more light is always nice, you just have to decide where you want to carry the extra weight. One note, I see there is a new version with a kind of string looking head band. I have not used this and do not know how well it works. I have the version with the slightly wider headband.

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Referring to the tech manual on Petzl's website, lumens are only mentioned for the highest setting. While the highest setting is 26 Lumens, this number quickly diminishes with use. From the e+Light tech manual, this is what a person can expect in terms of distance:

FRESH BATTERIES: High-- 29 meters; Low-- 15 meters
AFTER 30 MINUTES: High-- 13 meters; Low-- 12 meters
AFTER 10 HOURS: High-- 6 meters; Low-- 6 meters
AFTER 30 HOURS: High-- 4 meters; Low-- 4 meters

So, as you can clearly see, the "high" setting is practically useless after the first 30 minutes. At first, I thought I had a damaged headlamp because I couldn't visually see a difference between high and low after a couple of uses.

One can also see how spending an hour reading in your tent greatly diminishes the usefulness of this light.


The above chart already shows the diminishing use of battery life after a mere 30 minutes. The tech manual lists battery life as follows:

HIGH--55 hours
LOW--70 hours (BTW, all the marketing outside of the tech manual says "75 hours." Why is that?)
RED--30 hours

Add to this a hard-to-find, specialized battery (two Lithium CR2032), and you have a light that does not belong on any kind of extended trip.