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Gear Review

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Fantastic Tent!

I've been through a few tents in my backcountry adventures and the Nemo Losi 3P is easily my favorite. Easy to set up and tough as nails (er, well, for a tent), I feel very confident in any kind of weather if I'm sporting my Losi.

I've been in rain, snow, sleet, and high winds in the Losi and never once did it have any problems. Water stays out (save for a wee bit on the non-door edges, which are not totally protected by the rain fly when things get windy) and the dual vestibules are more than large enough for gear -- and even some light cooking if conditions outside are really bad.

And, of course, I've been in fantastic weather in the Losi as well. It ventilates very well and is easy to keep cool (enough). And the mostly mesh sides and roof are great for falling asleep under the stars.

The footprint does add what seems to be quite a bit of bulk, and its attachment method feels flimsy. But I've never had it disconnect from the tent and/or bunch up on me. Some of the clips used to secure the tent to the poles can be hard to get on or off, and I do worry about all the plastic that I'm putting a lot of force on to setup/take down the Losi. So I just try to be on the safe side, slow and careful, when I'm handling the plastic clips and Jake's Feet -- but again, nothing is yet showing any signs of damage.

After living with this tent for two seasons now and taking it through many adventures, I could not be happier. For the weight and space it takes up it gives you an awful lot in return -- a rock-solid, well designed backcountry shelter suitable for any weather. Bring on the storms -- I've got a Nemo Losi!