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Gear Review

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Fantastic Little Light

This thing is sealed, flexible and practically bomproof. Had to get this one before they stop making them. First high power headlamp that does not make me sick. 5mm led lights have a tint that our brain does not process well if used for long periods. The white color and flood capability of this light will cover all slow to medium speed activities. Hiking at night using the belt clip attached to your waist is perfect for me. Adapt kit is a must have though not quite as comfortable on the head when compared to the non adapt standard light. But hey- I only wear it on my head for very short periods because I prefer shadow contrast which you can't easily get without the adapt kit. BTW- If you can solder, upgrade to a Seoul emitter for $5.00 and double the output! It is the same emitter used in the new XP2....Enjoy!