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Gear Review

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Fairly durable, fit well, the brown is a great color

I bought a pair of these over a year ago, and I wear them very frequently. The are fairly durable, though I have had the same issue as the review below me, though not as severe. About six or seven months into owning them I could see the fabric around the rivets at the rear pockets (same spot as the photo below) beginning to pull and fray. It hasn't created a hole... yet. I would like to see these resigned a bit to solve that issue, because, aside from that problem, these are easiy my favorite pants I've ever owned.

They do have a stiff, thick quality to them, and are relatively warm because of that... but they are very comfortable, and I frequently get compliments on them. The brown is a great color. It starts off a deep rich brown with a little red in it... and will fade over time into a light clay color.

All in all I love these pants, but for the price I'd expect the durability issue around the rear pockets to be solved.