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This stove is not reliable. It will break after 3 - 4 uses.

My wife is on an 8-week research trip in the Mojave desert with this stove. The pump fell apart after 3 uses leaving her unable to cook food.

I drove 1100 miles to bring a replacement stove to her, and the next AM we started to cook some eggs and the new stove failed. The hose that delivers the fuel was somehow plunged. I was using new fuel and brand new fuel cans.

DO NOT buy this stove. It will fail. Look at MSR stoves.

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Real shame, Rob. I am surprised that you actually feel this is how they're designed/made, rather than thinking this is an extremely isolated incident (and that you allow your wife to work with jerks that can't lend her some of their stove time).
On the other hand I had my original Nova from 2005 until recently and never had an operational problem with it, using it from -15C to +40C (?20-100+F?). Then two months ago I decided I'd onsell it (still functioning!) and buy the nova+, which I've found to also be extremely good, with a better designed flame controller, and to me it seems the + stove is able to pump out even more heat than the Nova did!
A great stove, but if you're going on an expedition I would suggest taking a maintenance kit. It's quite easy to use. I did have to replace the leather cup on the pump in 2010 (once every 5 year replacement, not bad!).