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Gear Review

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These are hands down the best bindings i have ever ridden; Great flex, durable and the straps actually fit my boots. They are very adjustable compared to the burton missions and with alot more tech for only $20 bucks more if your not riding est. These handle all conditions well and out preform other bindings in the price catagory. They can literaly be on your street board one day and the next, be on your pow board and have top of the line performance. I wondered why Union made the toe strap the way they did and i have figured it out; so they fit 99% of the boots on the market and they are sinple. The ratchets are also very durable, haven't broke yet but what stuck me is that the ankle strap clip is huge! It fits into the pom of my hand so its very easy to clip in without clips slipping out of your finger tips. As Yoda says:May the Force be with you every where you go.