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FOR THE TALLER GALS....Great, but waist needs redesign + longer inseam option.

THIS REVIEW HAS ALOT OF INFO FOR ALL TALLER GALS. I couldn't get it, so decided to give it. ;-)

I'm 5'9" and 145-148lbs. I ordered a size medium in the Lily.
These fit well in hips, thighs. Inseam length was 33", and borderline acceptable for my long legs...I'd have to wear just the right shoe...this would be limiting.
The waist was 28.75" (measured inside waist diameter). Compared to the icebreaker size chart for this pant...the waist is at least 1/2" smaller.
The waist really is rather small in proportion to the overall cut of the size M pant.
The waist is a wide, tight elastic potential for give/stretch (within the next 2 years for sure). If I weren't a taller build, and the waist did not hit me like a lower rise, these might be perfect. I can usually pull the pants lower on hips to get by, lengthening inseam if slightly short...not happening with this pant style, due to type of waist.
They fit was not as comfortable as it should be for the $$$, plus really do need longer inseam.
Backcountry's picture makes these look like they're cut rather straight from hip to waist. This is not the case. Holding them up and viewing, I think "hour glass" due to the wide elastic, unforgiving, waist design. If I were always going to wear them with larger, longer, non-slim fitting tops, could pull waist lower on hips, then the waist would be no issue. I have mostly slim fit tops planned for wear with these pants.

I decided to order these in size large...31" waist and 34.25" inseam. The size large waist falls on my hips, settles in the right spot, and feels good. I just wish the hips/butt, and thighs, on the size large, fit like the size medium.
The size large 34.25" inseam does allow more length for taller girls.

These are VERY SOFT, VERY WARM, and'd never know they were wool. Fabric is wonderful. I recommend Icebreaker. I love how it resists odor, maintains shape, regulates body temp. It really performs well.

I had no issue with the crotch, as mentioned in another review. Although, I have a gap between my thighs.

BOTTOM LINE: Icebreaker needs to address the elastic waist design on this Lily pant. Elastic is way too tight and unforgiving. Additionally, It would be nice if Icebreaker offered their Pant line in longer length option.

I hope this long winded review helps someone.

Thanks BackCountry...your customer service is excellent, you give great advice, and delivery is always expedited. You're the best!

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Well, it's been a year of really testing these pants. I LOVE THEM. I couldn't have lived without them this winter, since I exercise outside regardless of extreme cold, snow, or light rain. I wore these alone tonight on a 6 mile run at 50deg F, and my legs were kept at the perfect temp. I've worn these Lily's in 10deg F w/0deg windchill and layered with a pair of bodyfit150's + natures and was very toasty below the wind was getting to my skin. These are truly fantastic pants and the 320gram wool material have given...becoming even longer in the inseam. My legs are very muscular in the thighs and these are flattering. When you first begin wearing them the waist may seem very snug. Keep wearing them (I did)...the waist will eventually give and pants will form to your body. I can wear a medium in these Lily pants, but the waist is pretty snug...again good because they absolutely won't ride down when running..and they will eventually loosen up I need to give the mediums more miles. These don't bag in the butt after regular wear either. They retain their shape. The Lily's are also very well made and don't have to wear them only for workouts. I won't even tell you how many wears I've gotten before having to wash my Lily's (over 12 for sure). They just don't retain odor. They wick moisture away in a flash and balance body temp even when damp from workout, and they dry in a flash when hung.. When I wash them it isn't because they's because I think they must need it since I know I sweat.
The Lily 320 weight is very accommodating and not too warm if temps below 60deg F. I have yet to test my Lily's in an indoor workout situation. Icebreaker Merino Wool is phenomenal making the Lily pant very soft and not in the least itchy...Fantastic product!!!!!