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FMJ sound incredible

I'm no headphone expert; i've owned a set of Apple in-ear ear buds, the Apple standard ear buds, a pair of WEsC Bongo's and some other pair I forget... These are by far the sickest sounding and looking headphones i've purchased. I have only had them for 3 days though so if they break anytime soon or they dont hold up when i go riding then I will update. I got these specifically for snowboarding but so far so good!!

I Would highly recommend them. The bass is deep and the noise cancellation is outstanding. Overall great quality.

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not to rain on anyone's parade here, but these DO NOT sound THAT incredible. yes, they are decent quality. they are sick looking, but for $70 i would expect something much much better. I have a $20 pair of sony ear buds that perform just as well, if not better, and fit more comfortably in my ears. (granted, they don't have a mic, but sony makes the same thing w/ a mic for $40).

not as great as i expected, but i scored them from WM for $2.50, so I can't complain. just not worth $70 byt any means.