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Gear Review

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The Laser Sonic by Petzl goes in smoothly. You can clip your draw and turn the screw while being clipped in. So if you fall, heaven forbid, while placing the screw, which can happen, with this screw there is a chance you will be caught if your screw holds. In good ice your screw doesn't have to be in very far to hold a fall, especially with some rope out. You can also take these screws out WITHOUT unclipping them, so they are clipped into the rope until you clip it into your harness, then unclip it from the rope, eliminating the drop possibility. When placing this screw, once it is established and I know it won't fall out, I grab the swivel with my thumb and forefinger and spin it in. They go in like butter! They can be a bit unruly to rack due to the swiveling clip in point. To limit this unruliness, stabilize the swivel when racking. Happy climbing!