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Gear Review

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Expensive Toy

Well I usually give rave reviews to products I write about, but this one just does not cut it. I bought mine for a great price (new) only $330 about a year ago, but I have sent it back for repair twice. First the GPS did not work properly with incredible inaccuracy, then I got a replacement and the face literally separated from band! The glue had melted away, now that is some shotty construction on a watch retailing for over $500. Under ideal conditions the GPS fix takes forever! If you want to go out and run with this thing you had better set it up about 15 minutes and leave it still somewhere if you want a chance at the GPS fixing, otherwise youve got one badass stopwatch for your trip. Now lets say that actually worked, make sure you stear clear of any trees! The signal goes away easily and will leave you baffled about either your super human speed according to GPS, or the opposite where you ran say 7 miles and it says you only did 4. I could go on about the shortcomings of this watch but I think you get the point.
To say something positive.. it is great as a digital compass, and barometer (just cool feature, looking at the sky gives you pretty much same info), and thermometer, however if youre wearing it the reading is never accurate due to body heat! The altimeter is highly inaccuarate too, there I go again I tried to say something nice and I got sidetracked by more negative stuff. Bottom line, this is not useful device for anything other than playing around. A very awesome toy for grown-ups, but dont count on it saving your life or accurately giving you any information other than the time, date, barometer, and compass readings.