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Expensive Piece of S***t

DO NOT PURCHASE THESE YOU WILL REGRET SPENDING THE MONEY. Leave it to Burton to take an awesome concept for a glove, knock down the quality and bump up the price. These gloves are not worth what they are charging for them at all. They're made for snowboarding (in snow obviously) and the gloves aren't even water proof. Sure they give you a gel to waterproof the gloves yourself but after the leather tears (which is rather quickly) and the gel wears off (also rather quickly), the inside of the glove is never dry and the outside absorbs water like a ShamWow. Come on Burton, if you're gonna make a glove that allows you to control your ipod while snowboarding at least make it out of a material that doesn't rip and is waterproof. And if you're not gonna make it out of a better material then charge a lot less for these awful gloves. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE YOU WILL REGRET SPENDING THE MONEY. (I would have given them no stars but I am required to give at least one)

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Sounds like you have been ridding in a lake. These gloves are made with premium leather and have a waterproof DRYRIDE membrane. I call it wireless Wizardly amazing in my book.Wondering where you have been ridding cause as far as I know there is no snow in the US right now? Also if you did have any wear and are not feeling the waterproofing is up to Par. Call Burton Customer Service and I am sure they will give you credit. 800 881- 3138.