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Expected More

I must say, I was quite disappointed with this purchase. So much so that I have decided to return the Energy ARC. After reading many reviews, and hearing nothing but high praise for the 9.5 edelweiss, I decided to go ahead and try a new climbing rope out, while I have traditionally gone with metolius or mammut. Right out of the package the rope performed amazingly. Handled smoothly, felt durable, and provided an unbelievably soft catch. The ARC provided a smooth, quick feel in the hand for both the climber and the belayer. The rope looked amazing, and appeared as though it would hold up to a moderate amount of abuse. Not even two weekends of use later, the sheath has worn considerably, so much so that I have decided to return the rope. I can't pay close to $250 for a rope that only lasts for a couple of weekends. I'm going back to metolius.

This rope would be amazing if it held up to more use.