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Gear Review

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Excellent stainless steel cookset

This cookset is of good quality and it should last many years of hard camping use. The 1 liter is a good size for one person use, the 2 liter is probably sufficient for 2 people, while the 3 liter should be enough for 3-4 (leaning towards 4 people). If food burns, then it will stick, but it shouldn't be anything that a little bit of steel wool won't take care of. In addition, its also a bit heavier than say titanium but that is reflected in the cost and it doesn't have the negative health effects of aluminum based pots. The lid also doubles as a plate. One quirk that my 2 liter pot has is the pot will seal if you just turn off the heat without setting it slightly ajar. Its very strange and once it can't get it open. You have to put it on the stove and turn on the heat again so that it will pop open from the pressure. Just a slight quirk that is easily overcome. It can be a positive if you want to hermetically seal your food against animals eating it at night.

All in all, this is a solid product that should last for many long years.