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Gear Review

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Excellent for moderate snow climbing

I bought this as a lightweight ski mountaineering tool - basically, the hassle of carrying an ice axe had gotten to the point where I typically just didn't carry one, and was instead relying on whippets as a primary snow climbing tool. While whippets are great in many applications, they don't exactly offer the security of an ice axe in situations requiring a self belay, nor is a whippet very good at tunneling through a cornice.

I've been really happy with the Corsa. It's incredibly light and compact so that it's not an inconvenience to carry, and really useful in situations where an ice axe is useful. If I hadn't already owned a good quality axe, I probably would have opted instead for a short, lightweight Black Diamond or Grivel axe with a steel head, as the Corsa's aluminum head is laughable.