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Excellent build quality,except where it counts

I used this stove about 30 times and it worked perfectly. I was impressed with the ease of use and durability so decided it would be the one for a 6 month SE Asia cycle tour...

Unfortunately in the Laos countryside,right when I needed it most,a leak appeared somewhere in the fuel line that meant air would come out instead of fuel. Gah! I ate rough for a little while and dismantled the whole fuel line to try and find the problem. I figure it must be leaking somewhere where the little plastic hose connects to the bottle top in the inside of the bottle,or else I am stumped! What I can say is that air comes out (and fuel occasionally) of the bottle instead of fuel!

I emailed the "customer service" about this over a week ago but am yet to receive any actual customer service or acknowledgment of my existence.

From other reviews it seems the stove is a bit of a gamble - sometimes you get a lemon.

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Update to this:

After finally getting a response from customer service, they instructed me they no longer make the pump I need to replace (they have a different connector for the stove now). They have offered me a new stove to replace my obviously defective one at the same price as a new one. No discount or anything.

It seems to me they change their design every few years, making parts that will break over time, which forces you to "upgrade" every few years to their latest version. While this might be OK practice with shoes and TVs, I don't think it's a smart thing to do with what can be considered safety equipment, a stove to boil water and cook food on when you are in the middle of nowhere. An expedition stove this is certainly NOT. I would term it as a low altitude campers/consumer stove where you can walk out and buy the latest version if your one breaks.

I would recommend people go for an MSR if they want a fully serviceable expedition stove. They are more reliable, parts don't change every couple of years and they provide good customer service.

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I can see that too. I've returned mine (thanks to bc-com their after sale policies are awesome!) and looking at MSRs now.

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I have had mine for a decade from NH to denali and never had a problem. Seems like your issue is an isolated one. Everyone of my buddies with an MSR stove end up buying a nova when they failed.

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From the description given of this problem, I would wonder if Brent had the flip stop pump in the wrong position. In the flipped stop position, by design, the pump would work exactly as described by this user. The purpose is to be able to drain the line, by blowing air in the top of the tank thru the line, stopping the stove and preparing to use the quick disconnect so that fuel doesn't spray everywhere... I've carried this stove for years, and used it in all kinds of harsh conditions. It has been abused by fellow campers, but when operated according to instructions, has never failed to light first try, boil fast, and even simmer a large pot of rice without burning. This is a bomb proof piece of gear in the tradition of the companies' 123r climber stove!