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Gear Review

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Excellent Product!!!!!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the folks at Cascade Designs, Inc. at a Wine Trade Show/Conferene... exceptionally friendly folks who live for the outdoors... they were promoting their PlatyPreserve product and had many of these very "wine bags" full of wine that was more than two weeks old - and it tasted absolutely great - like the day the original bottle was opened!!! For folks who drink wine, you know how fast you have to drink a bottle before the taste starts to be effected by oxidation... with this product, you can open a bottle without feeling rushed to drink it, rest assured that it will be preserved well in this PlatyPreserve for weeks. Also, it is great for outdoors endeavors and takes up considerably less volume than a bottle of wine (BTW, the PlatyPreserve has the capacity to hold a whole bottle of wine!!!), all the while weighing less, is un-breakable and - when the wine is gone - it has essentially no weight or volume at all!!!! Buy one (or four) of these and you can't go wrong!!!!