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Gear Review

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Excellent Experience

I bought the cargo bag for a trip from Central NJ to Myrtle Beach, SC. I did not and do not plan to use the bag extensively, so the lower price tag fit my needs perfectly. I read all of the reviews before purchasing the bag so I was prepared. I stuffed (duffle/canvas-like bags only - didn't want to ding up the SUV) in heavy duty trash bags and sprayed the bag with water repellent. Since I'm overly cautious and this was my first foray into the "rooftop cargo bag" scene, I also spent an extra $8 at my local auto store for 2 bungee cords. I was able to pack a lot of gear in the bag. We had no problems with attaching and securing the bag and once we criss-crossed the bungee cords across the top, the bag didn't budge an inch. I didn't see any difference in the SUV's gas mileage or feel any drag when driving at higher speeds on the expressways. It did rain for hours coming and going, so there was a little wetness at the bottom of the bag where the rain sat and the sun couldn't reach. I really did expect this if we were hit with heavy rains (which we were) so I made sure only blankets, towels, bathmats and that sort of stuff was packed at the bottom to serve as a buffer between the duffle bags and the auto rooftop. Overall, the cargo bag did its job and the price was right.