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Gear Review

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Excellent! Buy several.

I own 4 of these shirts and wear them almost every day in the summer. It doesn't matter how good a synthetic shirt claims to be, how much carbon they attach to the threads etc., they all stink after physical activity. This shirt on the other hand doesn't care how much sweat it soaks up. It never smells bad. And it wicks moisture and evaporates it just a good as a synthetic shirt.

A good anecdotal story I tell people about Smartwool t-shirts is how I helped a buddy of mine during his recent move. I wasn't the guy just standing around telling everyone else where to put stuff. I was lifting furniture up and down several flights of steps, getting really sweaty. I ended up passing out in this t-shirt that night. I woke up the next morning and went jogging for 10 miles, still wearing this shirt. After all that sweating I was amazed how this thing didn't smell bad at all. Of course, I did, but the shirt didn't smell like anything.

Wash these on a gentile cycle as they are slightly delicate and let them hang dry. You won't regret this purchase.