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Gear Review

5 5

Exceeded Expectations, Highly Recommend

I got this stove to be a lightweight liquid fuel stove and figured it would be average given the focus on weight savings. It has been much better than that.

My experience started off poorly with a defective pump that leaked fuel through the pump housing. Packaging indicates manufacture has not been sent to China however, and Primus was responsive. They got me a new pump which worked fine, and I have used it for five trips since.

The stove design is simple with very few extra parts or things that can go wrong. I was able to dismantle and field clean the jet without a schematic because it was simple and solid with no little bits to lose or part to break. The reliability has been excellent.

It seemed like output might be low with the small burner, but I have melted several liters of water from snow on multiple occasions in the Cascades and done group meals without much problem. There are certainly better snow melters and faster boilers, but this stove surprised me with its competence in this area.

Simmer control is middling, but better than most one valve stoves I have used. It is not a gourmet cooker but I was able to turn it down enough to save fuel while simmering and avoid burning food.

Fuel consumption was another surprise - this stove is more efficient than any of my other white gas stoves (coleman, Optimus, MSR, SVEA) in terms of the fuel used for each liter melted or meal cooked. Not by a huge margin, as they all operate on similar principles, but I noticed that I consistently used less than expected with this stove. There is definitely a power trade off, but its not a weak stove.

Pot stability is good, I have had no problems with it using 1L and 2L pots. In addition, I thought the legs might be flimsy given how insubstantial they look, but they actually seem quite solid and fold up smoothly. I trust the overall stability with this stove more than some stoves with much beefier legs because this one just seems to work without any issues despite the lack of overall contact area. I also find the feet very functional.

The weight is simply great. I love being able to have a liquid fuel stove and yet have it only weight half of what a typical white gas stove does and yet get great functionality. I am a big fan of liquid stoves in general, and this one has already started to earn a place next to my SVEA 123's in terms of my satisfaction with the overall design. It goes on almost every trip where I need a stove now.

* one small issue: stove is so light that the priming and vaporization assembly can make it tip to that side without a pot on it if the feet are not planted. Doesn't bug me, but someone else might find it annoying.