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Gear Review

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Even with the problems I have with them they are still worth it

Alright love these shoes, however it did take a bit of time to break in, and they get really hot.
For the fit out of the box they are tight, but in the wrong way for me. I feel that the toe box could have been a bit wider, and the heel should be slightly narrower and tighter too allow for the stretch to come. The rubber is awesome the design of the opening is a step up from my montrail indexes, they are much easier to put on, and now that the toe area has stretched they are quite enjoyable. I do however worry about the heel. It feels like there is empty space that might end up causing the shoe to slip. I have don plenty of heel hooking (even some totally unnecessary heel hooking lol)in them and no trouble what so ever so I am not going to dock it for that. My main complaint was toe box before breaking in though I still have to get my feet in just right, and how ridiculously hot they get. I can live with discomfort because generally it goes away once I start climbing and there is always the knowledge that they just have to be broken in, but the heat I don't like. The shoes are perfect at the gym, but in any whether above 85 they get hot. I climbed a route in them to clean after a buddy of mine had finished his first outdoor route, and I burnt my big toe enough to get a blister setting up to repel after I was done. I thought it was because of the heat out side, which was 114 F at the hottest time of the, however I was at the gym and the air conditioner was off or something and my feet got really hot, nothing unbearable but boy was I glad to get them off at the end of the route. All in all still a good shoe just wish they were perforated in the synthetic material and the tongue was more breathable.