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Gear Review

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The specs on this tent are fantastic: ultra-light, 3-season, & high-walls. When it comes down to it though, the BD “Epic” fabric is just that…if it rains or is windy, you are screwed. In reality, the fabric is not for 3 seasons.

In rainy conditions, you’ll certainly find water seeping through the fabric. Anything that touches the inside wall will get soaked and, after raining for just a little bit, it will start to drip on you. I thought at first it was just excess condensation, but then noticed this happened even when we had not been in the tent. As for wind, my wife and I were up through the night holding all four corners of the tent down with hands and legs in order to prevent the sidewalls from completely caving in on us and to keep the poles from breaking. With each gust, the tent would literally fold in half on us (see picture). Come dawn, the vestibule was torn to shreds. Epic indeed.

Coupled with its inability to handle inclement weather, the size is extremely small. I am 5’8” and can barely have my legs straight. Your head will be against the fabric (and if is raining, will get wet), and with two people, there is little-to-no room for gear. For an ultra-light, I expect and can deal with that; however, I carry a tent to protect me from the weather and this tent, unfortunately, does not.