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Gear Review

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Enjoy this frog

When I say frog, everyone listens. When I say I have my frog, everyone gets curious.

This tent has great ventilation, but let's question the two person tent concept. You had better know your sleeping partner well!

With one end small it is very likely you will be toe to toe with the other occupant.

Good things do abound within the tent. It is fairly spacious near the fly, but do not try to stand up. It was not built for that purpose.

A couple of things, I wish was there was a pad that extended from one side to the other in the entry vestigial. Cool air can also plow through the lower portion of the entrance and water intrusion may occur so protect your backpack gear off the ground.

I bring a rug mat to make it easier to kneel on and to store goods to keep off the damp/wet ground in this vestigial. Also I use an outer mat when I step out to stand up or put more clothing on. That makes egress and ingress is much easier.

The tent is a mite heavy with all of its features so a 20 mile hike experience can wear you down.

It is also helpful to color code your tent items even as some of the tent already has coding on it. That I do find helpful.

The tent is also airy and not too private without the rain cover on it. Just be careful you do not show off body parts if you change or sleep without coverage inside the tent.