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Gear Review

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Eh ...

Apparently I am in the minority, but I was not impressed with these goggles. Cons: My main problem is the lens comes away from the frame on top, creating a terrible wind gap IN THE GOGGLES, which makes them awful for cold days, days with precipitation, and going faster than 3 mph on the hill - It drives me nuts. Frame is flimsy. Small to medium faces sounded perfect for me, but these look tiny with my helmet, which is a men's small. The strap barely fits around the back. The lenses scratched awful fast. On the plus side: decent graphics, look good with a hat, quality lenses minus the durability. Bottom line: I'm much happier with Fuses for the kind of skiing I do (faster than 3 mph, with a helmet, in northern New England); these would be fine for someone cruising the greens on nice days.