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Economical but certainly not the best

I bought this pack as a new hiker intending to go on longer trips. It provides A LOT of space, lots of pickets and an external frame to attach a lot of extra gear. There is no space between the pack and your back making the reservoir holder almost useless when any decent amount of weight is carried. The shoulder straps are not padded well nor is the material soft enough to keep your shoulders from nearly rubbing raw when there is lots of weight. So these two short comings take away from the fact it can carry so much.

Other than the reservoir and strap problems, it is a great buy. I've used it on many week long treks in difficult terrain (e.g. Alaska). However, if you know you will be hanging many long trips in the future, it is worth spending the extra money on a more comfortable pack.

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If your shoulder are getting "rubbed raw" then you are not wearing the pack correctly. If you use your hip belt properly they should be carrying the load not your shoulders. The shoulder straps are just used to keep the pack from falling backwards from your body. If you have an REI close to you feel free to go in and have one of their pack fitters explain (and show) you how to properly adjust and wear a pack so that your hips are carrying the weight - not your shoulders.