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Gear Review

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Echo on the phone

I finally broke my Icon 2 headphones while snowboarding and I got really excited when I saw the Icon 3 with the TapTech! That would make my life slightly easier when taking a call and changing songs on my iPhone while riding. I tested it at my house and the speakers sound amazing for the size of the headphones! The earpads were also pretty comfortable, but I noticed the TapTech still needs a little work. It didn't always work when I tap to pause or start my music or when I hold the button down to activate Siri. The biggest flaw was when I tested out a call. The person on the other line can hear their own echo which is super annoying for them. It is probably because the microphone is right next to the speaker so they hear themself. My side sounded great though. I'll be returning these and going with the Icon 2 again.

- Great sound
- Button on the ear for super easy access
- Bigger ear pads

- Other caller hears their echo
- TapTech doesn't always respond
- No Skullcandy sticker included :(

This would be great if you mostly want it for music and don't plan to use it with your phone at all. If you are riding with an iPod Touch this would be great!