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Easy to Ride, Easy on the wallet for the bigger boot

The most fun, cost effective board for those with the big feet. Similar to the Clash you will find that the Bullet has V-Rocker and Cruise control for a catch, free fun ride.

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I'm going to buy my next board and looking for something Wide and Soft. I have Burton Bullet 2009 model and is pretty satisfied with it. I was going to buy this model again, but I see a lot of comments that this board if for beginners... I've started hitting the park... Would it still be fine for park? And why Burton Blunt would be better for example?

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what is difference between "twin" and "directional twin"?

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In a twin the board is the same in the nose as it is in the tail, mirror image, (architecturally) and in a directional twin the board is the same shape but the bindings may be set back a few centimeters towards the tail. (for those who want the option to ride switch but normally ride regular)