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Gear Review

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Easy, Durable, Streamlined, Big but not too big

I love this cargo box. The Thule Atlantis boxes are really well made and attractive with glossy finishes. They are pretty streamlined and the wind noise was not as much as I was expecting, nor was the decrease in fuel efficiency (which is definitely noticeable). In my mind a box like this that you can easily but on for your longer or more gear intensive trips is better than a bigger car that always uses more gas. This box is incredibly easy to take on and off. The box opens on both sides so you can easily reach all four of the knobs to screw the claws that wrap around your crossbars, and it takes only a few minutes to tighten or loosen them. I do need a friend to help lift the somewhat heavy, and bulky box on and off, but I can do the rest on my own. The 1800 XT is pretty big, and will take up most of the roof of a station wagon. I had about 48" bars on my car and could fit one bike rack along with the box. I've since bout 58" bars and can fit two bike racks, and maybe even three (but I haven't tried yet). The box is wide enough that I think you could fit reclining camp chairs (something on my personal gear wish list) and you can definitely fit a lot of gear in it. You cannot remove the key unless the box is locked, which helps keep you from forgetting or worse yet driving off with an open box. All in all, a superb product.