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Easier Trigger Action than The Current Petzl Ascension Design

For me big difference between the BD nForce and the Petzl Ascension ascenders is that with the nForce you can pull back on the cam release trigger with either the index finger or thumb of the grasping hand while with the nForce you can only pull back with your thumb, and I found this to involve more stretch and to be uncomfortable with the Ascension. The nForce has a longer cam (more contact area). The Ascension does have a slot up the center of the cam which is supposed to allow mud and ice to exit the contact area between the cam and the rope, but I have never used the Ascension so I don't know how well this works. Also, the nForce has shorter, straight (90-degree) teeth (over a larger area with what BD says is pressed against the rope with 30% more force, when under load, due to the the unique cam action.). The Ascension relies on teeth that are angled downward. Have not tried the nForce with gloves but they are roomier fit. I found the easier trigger action of the nForce to be my main deciding factor.