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Dynastar's New Big Mountain Entry....

from the home of the original Pro Rider, the Cham 107 does well as its successor. The float on this ski is pretty top notch considering that it doesn't have a large amount of rocker shape and the combined sidecut with flex pattern allows for an easier and more drawn out turn without too much chatter.

The Cham 107 however does have a speed limit on hard snow as red lining on hard snow got me bounced off the line more than a few times. Also, the non-carved turn takes a bit of getting used to as skidding the turn feels a bit abrupt.

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has "a speed limit"?!? Dynastar?? What is the world coming too?

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It's one of those things where I could go pretty fast on them, but my top speed had the Cham 107 getting shaky, especially in harder conditions.

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I felt the same way as Wally about the 107s on hardpack at top speed, but I was skiing the 184. I am curious how the 190s would compare, and I have a feeling they have a higher speed limit and will handle better at these speeds.

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Brad Allenick,

Definitely agree with you on the 190s. I just felt that they are around the middle of the road stability wise in fatter all-mountain ski category. They held up, but there are some skis out there that handle speed better while keeping as nimble.