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Gear Review

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Bought these puppies for my sister recently. When i tried them on, I almost took my gift back for myself...but I'm not that bad of a brother. For the price point, these headphones are top notch.

The drivers are high quality, delivering warm bass and crisp highs. These aren't "bass specific" headphones, aka, they're not blown out with bass, just the right amount in the mix to get your hip-hop fix...

Now, the earpieces are covered with silicone. You heard right, silicone: otherwise popularized by "medical implants". I didn't trust this at first, I expected to be sweating my ears off within 30 seconds of having them on, but the comfort (and lack of sweat) blew me away. Throw these on and its like covering your head in...fake boobs? Either way, its really comfy.

Also, these work great with a beanie, a huge selling point for me. For some reason a lot of headphones don't work too well on top of a hat/beanie in terms of comfort, but these are perfect.

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Great analogy Joe. I think I'll grab a pair.