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Don't waste your time

I purchased a few of these screws to supplement the Black Diamond Express screws that make up the majority of my ice rack. I was intrigued by swivelling hanger and thought they could be safer than other ice screws because they would have some power to hold a fall while screwed half-way in.I found, however, that these screws are much more difficult to use in every other way than the Black Diamond Express screws. These screws are difficult to get started, overly difficult to screw into solid ice, and tend to bind up with ice after being removed in way the BD screws do not. When I take these screws out on the wet climb, I just put them in my jacket because I know I won't be able to get the ice out until it melts. All of these factors combined, I find that I prefer to never use these screws.Save yourself the time and go with Black Diamond.