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Don't use this for backpacking

This shirt has an inside tag and a spare button right where your hipbelt goes. It also has a pocket that goes down to where the hipbelt goes so that if I put something in the pocket it would interfere with my hipbelt. Then there is a pocket in addition to the zip pocket (not mentioned in the specs) that has no velcro stuff or button to shut it. There is a cloth flap that closes it but I can see overtime that this pocket is gonna definitely just start hanging open and no longer lie flush with the shirt. My size is small. Not sure if larger sizes are the same.

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Not sure what shirt you are describing. my Canyon shirt has a Velcro Napoleon pocket and a Zipper pocket. I wore it for 4,000 miles of backpacking before the the backpack turned the material to shreds.
Gray Ghost

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did you try removing the tag and button? I agree with Caap16903's review of its durability after having worn it on both the Long Trail and Colorado Trail this past summer.

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John is describing the current shirt which is a serious downgrade in quality from the previous version which was as recent as one year ago. Caap and I suspect Ramius are talking about the previous version which I have and feel is a 4-5 star product. This version is seriously different.